October - 2019

Did you know you can get a mulligan……..without penalty……even in a tournament? Here's how.

During the final round of the SAS Championship, Parnevik missed a short bogey putt that horseshoed around the hole and ultimately hit his foot. From there, Parnevik tapped in what remained for his double.

Only to find out that he really carded a triple.

That's because Parnevik was entitled to replay the original bogey putt under Rule 11.1.b, Exception 2. Yes, that's the real terminology

And that was only after officials called into the USGA, according to rules official Brian Claar, as the crew at the SAS was confused "They said 'did that really happen out there?" Claar told Reuters. "He actually gets a mulligan. It's strange you get a do-over because there's (generally) no such thing as a do-over unless you hit a power line or something. He should have put it back and tried again."

However, because Parnevik failed to do so, he incurred a penalty. So the bogey putt didn't count, but his stroke for a double bogey did count (though that putt ended up actually being for a bogey, but then he was assessed a two stroke penalty for playing from a wrong place, and because he did not gain a significant advantage from putting at that wrong place, he was not disqualified).

Don't, however, hit your ball on purpose if you miss your next putt and want a mulligan.
That would be in violation of yet another rule. Do you know which one?