October - 2016

Equipment is always such a personal item.

We play golf nowadays with modern equipment that has become so specialized and technical that you (O.K. me too) are always trying the newest thing because it might add more yards or hit it a little straighter.

The ability to fine tune and get equipment that fits you perfectly can be like the search for the Holy Grail.

The story of Sam Sneed and his driver, is such an interesting one.

Sam was a pro, but because he had become so wild with his driver, he was at the point of quitting the tour. At Griffith Park in Los Angeles, he ran into Henry Picard, who asked " How are you hitting, Sam? I hear you're bending them halfway to Santa Monica."

"I'm so wild I've about decided to quit the tour and go home."

Picard watched him hit balls and determined that Sam's driver wasn't right for him, that it was too whippy-that he had fast hands and that the club he was using was too light for him.

Picard replied "I've got a George Izett driver in my car that might be the answer for you" "Try it in play, and if you like it, we'll make a deal," offered Picard.

Well, history was made from that point forward.

Sam Sneed became a legend, and used that driver for the next 24 years!

Izett golf is still in business today- it's a specialized fitting company in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

So how much did Sam Sneed have to pay Henry Picard for that driver that won him so many titles and a record setting amount of money?

Picard said to Sam "That'll cost you just five-fifty, which is what I paid for the club."

If you find a club that really works for you, treasure it!

      Derek Duesler