March - 2016

Local Rules.

Its interesting how the only way some people learn the Rules of Golf is when it directly affects them.

If you play golf, and decide that playing golf means that "Hey! I watch TV and the Rules are important to the pro's, so I'm going to play by the Rule's too!"

What a lot of people don't realize is that when you watch the PGA tour, they are playing under the United States Golf Association rules, but each week adopt "Local Rules" to fit the particular course they are playing that week.

What does that mean? I thought the Rules of Golf are the same no matter what…

Because each week the Pros play a course that is new to them, there are different Rules issues that come up.

It's the same for us-when you go on a trip with your buddies to another course, you really should quickly try to find out- "What are the Local Rules?"

During team play this year, my opponent at Bella Colina hit his tee shot, nailed a small little round fence in front of the tee, and while his ball was still in the air and sailing OB, said "Local Rule-I get to hit another tee shot, no penalty!"
"OK…is that one on the Local Rule sheet?" "Yep, there it was!" (My first thought was go ahead you big cheater, but didn't say it out loud…)

Local Rules are put in by a Committee, and need to be published, so as to be clear to all players.
Also, any Local Rule MUST conform to the Rules of Golf, and must be consistent with the policy's established under Appendix I, LOCAL RULES; CONDITIONS OF THE COMPETITION.

In a roundabout way, I'm trying to tell you, read our San Clemente Local Rules. They are really there to help you.

      Derek Duesler