August - 2014

Did you see Michelle Wie wearing brightly colored bandages all week at Pinehurst?

How interesting that the world of science medicine has progressed to where the specific muscles, and whole areas of the body, now have very exacting bandages that support and enhance muscle function. Runners, volleyball players, tennis players and any other sport that you can think of, now all use kinesio tape.

What is it? Kinesio tape is essentially a strong tape that when applied correctly, supports muscles, joints and tendons just like a brace would, yet without restricting motion that braces, compression bands or wraps might. They are made of cotton, and do not cause rashes that a latex-based material could.

Surprisingly, they can be worn for up to five days and used in the shower or pool.

I started wondering if the Rules cover adhesive tape, and found the answer under Decision 14-3/8.

Read the decision-It's enlightening.

Adhesive Tape

Q.  May a player wear adhesive tape on his hands or apply such tape to a golf glove?

A.  The use of adhesive tape, or similar coverings of the hand, for any medical reasons, e.g., to reduce blisters or to eliminate the possibility of skin splits between the fingers, is not contrary to the Rules. However, the application of tape to the hand or the construction of a similar covering must not be excessive (i.e., must not otherwise assist the player in gripping and its thickness must be comparable to that of a standard golf glove). Also, applying tape to a golf glove to prevent the glove from slipping or to reduce wear is not a breach of Rule 14-3.

However, if the tape is used solely to aid the player in gripping the club (e.g., it is used to bind two fingers together), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3 as such use of tape is the use of equipment in an unusual manner.

      Derek Duesler