December 11, 2011

San Clemente Men's Golf Club  Irons In The Fire Restaurant
150 Avenida Magdalena, San Clemente, California


The meeting was called to order by President Derek Duesler at 4:00 P.M.

President Duesler welcomed guest and Saddleback College Scholarship recipient, Hanna Stuart to the meeting. On behalf of the board of directors, President Duesler presented Ms. Stuart with a framed certificate, commemorating her achievement.


Derek Duesler - President, Rules Don Stroup - Membership
Dennis Mark - 1st Vice President Gary Klasse - Handicap
David Hamdorf - 2nd Vice President Harry Larson - Greens
John Briggs - Treasurer Scott Moore - Secretary
Hector Amaya - Past President

GUEST: Hanna Stuart (Saddleback College Scholarship Recipient

Michael Pham - Saturday Tournaments
Rick Fleming - Director at Large


The membership approved the Minutes from the November 14, 2011 meeting.


TREASURER'S REPORT: (Briggs) - John Briggs handed out copies of the Treasurer's Report as of November 30, 2011.

For the month of November, income exceeded expenses by $13,152 mostly from fees paid by new members and 2012 dues payments. Most of this is held in a deferred account for the next year.

The income from the Member Guest Tournament was added to the Reserve Account for Scholarships, High School Golf Teams and Junior Golf. That account is now at $9,873. There are still two Scholarship awards from 2011 which have not been requested (Brooke Beard was awarded $1000 and Debbie Song was awarded $500).

An award for Sydney Pong/Chapman University was mailed on September 2, 2011 and the check has not been negotiated. The SCHS Girls Golf Team only spent $230 of the $700 allocated for 2011. At this time, as a minimum, $1300 of these reserves are for the Saddleback Endowment.

Our Bank of America checking account balance is $46,218 which includes $22,888 deferred income for 2012 dues.

Members' equity is at $13,788, some of which will be transferred to reserves before the taxes are filed. The IRS doesn't like rich non-profit organizations and we are not one of those.


1. Update/Scholarship Deposits - no report


1. President's Cup Format (Mark) - Dennis proposed and made a motion to accept a modified schedule of play, with the first two play dates being mandatory (Friday, April 6 and Wednesday, April 11) and the final three dates (Friday, April 13; Friday, April 20; and Wednesday, April 25) negotiated if necessary between the players of each match. The motion was passed unanimously.

Dave Hamdorf made the motion to remove the Stableford Tournament on April 4, freeing up the week of the first match of the President's Cup. The motion passed unanimously.

The board also agreed with the suggestion that the players will use the prior 6 months low index, and adjust any handicaps that change during the duration of the tournament.

Additional discussion as to the rescheduling of the Annual Meeting and tournament ensued. Mark said he would notify the city if and when we decide to change the date.


1st VP (Mark) - No other report than the President's Cup Format (above)

2nd VP (Hamdorf) - Dave reported that the November 18th Turkey Shoot (Individual Stroke Play), had 123 players and had a $1,534.25 payout.

On December 7, the 2 Man Better Ball Tournament was played with 115 players. The payout was $1,170.

Membership (Stroup) - Don handed out his report, explaining that there have been 425 member fees received up to this point. There are approximately 100 past members who have not renewed as of this date. Discussion followed as to how we can contact these members, both through the mail and email.

Handicap (Klasse) - No report.

Greens (Larson) - Harry passed out his December Greens Report, reporting that most of the major activities for the year have been completed, with all replacement trees in place. Overall, the course is in good shape.

Dad Miller and Anaheim Hills golf courses are currently using the new Online Tee Time system and are being reviewed by staff from San Clemente and will be implemented in January if all goes well.

Dave Hamdorf asked about the placement of the out of bounds stakes on the area recently cleared on the left side of hole #16. Harry Larson confirmed that the stakes would be moved to widen the fairway in that area. Dave also asked that the walking trails from the tees to the fairways on holes #15 and #16 be cleared for golfers walking the course. President Duesler also requested that the foliage between the blue tee and the fairway on #16 be trimmed down so that the fairway is visible.

Rules (Duesler) - - Derek has written an article on an unprecedented action in the History of the Rules of Golf. The U.S.G.A. and the R&A have announced the adoption of identical formatting for the Rules of Golf worldwide. See his article and more in this months Rules section.


Director at Large (Fleming) - Absent.

Past President (Amaya) - No report.

President (Duesler) Derek announced that this was his last meeting as president and handed the gavel over to Dennis Mark. The meeting was adjourned at 5:08 p.m

NEXT MEETING: : The next meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for Monday, January 9, 2012 in the clubhouse.